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We carry a wide range of products including institutional paper products, janitorial supplies, computer/copy paper, trash cans & liners, safety supplies, tapes & strapping and industrial cleaning compounds. Here are several examples:

  The First Thing You Should Know About Effective Moisture Control
There is no simple, universal solution to protecting cargo or packaging from moisture damage. Pouches can easily become oversaturated, re-release moisture back into the container environment, and can sometimes leak or even break open.
A better solution for moisture protection inside containers is Absorpole®. Patented technology with brine collectors creates a damage-free environment for both moist and dry cargo within the shipping container.
This product provides wider safety margins to protect cargo during both short and long voyages under a broader range of conditions.
  Synthetic Sports Stripper & Finish
Pro-Link’s two new Synthetic Floor Care products are designed to get the most out of your floor, helping you make them last and giving you the best performance. The Synthetic Sports Stripper & Synthetic Sports Finish products mean your floors will always be ready for a variety of uses and always look great.
  Yes! Liners can be an affordable green option.
How are plastic trash bags an eco-friendly solution when all the data states that plastics take thousands of years to decompose in landfills?
Pro-Link’s ThickSkins Recycled liners are the best choice for a green trash bag option. They are made with up to 70% recycled polyethylene (that’s plastic), which means less plastic going into landfills.
  Reduced waste paper dispensers help your facility save costs, enhance washroom appearance and end-user experience.
Using Pro-link’s Elite dispensers for your facility’s tissue and towel products offers you innovative solutions to satisfy your customers, while you control costs (labor and product)! They are also a great environmental solution supporting any green cleaning programs.
  Experience the coreless roll advantage!
Coreless rolls can help eliminate problems and make your job easier by giving you more convenience, more options, and more control.
  Pro-Link's full line of natural corn brooms...
Addressed are all a facilities needs, from the smallest whisk broom to heavy duty warehouse brooms.
  Pro-Link's Wood Floor Care System is your key to durable, long lasting, great looking wood floors.
Our Wood Floor Care System is designed to get the most out of your wood floors, helping you make them last and giving you the best sports performance. Our complete system of solvent and water based seals and finishes, combined with our preparation and maintenance products, means your wood floor will always be ready for a variety of uses and always look great.
  Pro-Link's Transport Cleaning System (TCS)
Providing touchless cleaning on the move. It cleans better with less labor while improving worker safety.
  Healthy Skin & Productivity Go Hand in Hand!
Pro-Link's Industrial Skin Care products keep the skin clean and conditioned - a key to maintaining the skin's natural barrier function.
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